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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Francisco Esquembre; Felix J. Garcia Clemente; Siti; based on ideas by ShiXiong

Sample Learning Goals


For Teachers

Initial Setup. The Question requires User to solve for Area & Perimeter. The dropdown box at the top panel allows the user to switch between the modes. By default, it will be solving the Area. User is able to adjust the length of the square by dragging the small square at the side.
When the simulation is playing, the part that the user has to look out for will turn red. It will be followed by animation.


By the animation, the user can refer to how the strategy provided works. 


When the animation finally stops, the user will be clear to what the strategy is referring to. Thus, it will be solved.


As for the perimeter, the strategy below will provide the user knowledge on how to solve this problem. Just like for area, User is able to adjust the length of the square by dragging the small square at the side. 

It is relatively straightforward.







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