Background: The annual SPICE Carnival was organised as part of OLive Fiesta to provide a platform for divisions to raise funds for President’s Challenge (PC). As shared during the OLive Session with SWB Champs on 27 April this year, the SWB Team would be taking a different approach for this year’s Divisional fundraising activity with a MOE Talent Showcase. This Talent Showcase is a spin-off from last year’s Directors’ Showcase whereby our DM members performed musical instruments or shared their knowledge to raise funds for PC. This year, we hope to showcase more of our fellow colleagues’ talents. However, should your Divisional Director volunteer to contribute to this meaningful event with his or her talent, we would most welcome it too!
Event: OLive Fiesta SPICE Carnival - Talent Showcase
Goal: proposed performance/mini workshop for the Talent Showcase
Propose: 30 minutes educational showcase called Robotic Magic, Educational Technology Officer Suhaimi and his mentor, Senior Specialist Lawrence Wee, will be sharing about the use of TagUI a free tool for Robotics Process Automation (RPA).
Synopsis: Ever felt that some parts of your work were menial and repetitive? Or you just find it troublesome to extract information from websites to documents or vice versa? Join us for a showcase of Robotic Magic where we share with you how to automate your work through flows with a few lines of text.
Date: 9 Sep 2021
Time: 1130-1150
Platform: Zoom Discover the “Magic”

Suhaimi blog post.

in 2021, we managed to these much with TagUI, the robotic magic.