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Initially, there are two polarizers. You can adjust the angle between those two polarizer by draging the small rectangle area. The intensity of light pass through the polarizer will vary as you change the angle between them.

No light will pass through when there are perpendicular to each other.

However, if you click the "middle piece" check box --  to add another polarizer between those two.

You will be able to see the image if you adjust the angle of the middle polarizer.



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cannot work on some mobile browser that don't understand JavaScript such as.....
cannot work on Internet Explorer 9 and below



Fu Kwun Hwang; Fremont Teng; lookang

Sample Learning Goals


For Teachers

Request in email:

realised that the cat seems to be completely lit when seen through a polariser. However, when we observe an object through a single (ideal) polariser, the intensity (and thus brightness) would go down by a factor of two. Maybe something to add, perhaps showing a "clear" cat, and one through polariser(s)?
And while you are add it, give an option to enter the angles manually by keyboard? :-)
Anyway, whatever you are working on, keep up the good work!

None checkbox for no polariser
unchecked None, means polariser 0 and polariser 2 are in path of eye to cat
polariser 0 cannot be rotated
when polariser2 is 90 degree of polariser0, total polarization is simulation and observed
when polariser 1 (middle) is 90 degree of polariser 0,total polarization is simulation and observed
as requested by a physics teacher.
Added new features of none polarisers.

Polarizer Simulator JavaScript Simulation Applet HTML5


Instructions on using Simulation Applet

Middle Polarizer Check Box

Toggling the middle polarizer will create an additional polarizer
(Default - Middle Polarizer Off)


(Middle Polarizer On)

Drag-able Polarizer

Moving the box round the circle will vary the contrast of the image.
(Default View)



This also works for the middle polarizer as well.

Reset Button

Resets the Simulation



Video by xmtutor



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