InspirEx 2023 CRDT

3 Nov 2023 (Fri)

SLS resource/Interactive Digital Textbooks (IDT) Development

  1. SLS lessons that develop 'future ready' learners or 21st Century Competencies
  2. An innovative SLS lesson that supports engaged learning for your subject or across subjects (interdisciplinary)
  3. Curriculum mapping to support new SLS course structure feature and incorporation of smaller Knowledge Units (KUs)
  4. Design and development of smaller Knowledge Units (KUs) to achieve Learning Outcomes (LOs)
  5. Design and development of IDTs and accompanying print textbooks (if relevant)
  6. Use of a new resource development tool/software for in-house resource creation


Support for Schools

  1. Innovative ways of training and increasing teacher use of SLS MOE Library lessons
  2. Research and evaluation of use of specific SLS resources in schools

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