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Fu-Kwun Hwang - Dept. of Physics, National Taiwan Normal Univ.; lookang; leongster


Assume the number of radioactive nucleus is N(t) --- not yet decayed into daughter product.
Each nucleus has the same probability p (p<1) decayed into daughter product.
It means that dN(t)/dt= -p*N(t) , where dN(t) is the number of nucleus decayed into daughter product at time t.
The solution is N(t)=N0 e -pt = N0 e -(ln2/T0.5)) t where N(0) is total number of nucleus at time t.

Each box represents a nucleus.
This applet lets you set the probability for a nucleus to decay and watch how the number of decayed nuclei (color changed to RED)  increased with time t.




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