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Newton's Law of Motion 2021 JavaScript HTML5 Applet Simulation Model

The simulation in progress

For the link to the simulation, click here.


This model attempts to simulate the motion of an object on a rough surface when an external force is applied to it. The features of this model include:
  • Slider to change the mass of the object
  • Slider to modify the external force acting on the object
  • Ability to switch between multiple surfaces with different friction coefficients
  • Graphs of position-vs-time and velocity-vs-time to facilitate understanding of the motion of the object
Initial state of the simulation
One notable observation users should look out for is the transition between static and kinetic friction on different surfaces as the external force acting on the objects increases. Similarly, users might like to notice how the acceleration (gradient of the velocity graph) changes as the mass of the object increases.
Object undergoing static friction

Moving an object with greater mass






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