Today, I  seek approval for the integration of the Easy JavaScript Simulation (EJSS) App with the Student Learning Space (SLS).

The value of this App lies in its ability to support teaching and learning through learning analytics. With comprehensive data on students' interactions within the simulations, teachers can gain insights into students' understanding and tailor their instructions accordingly. This detailed data is currently unavailable on other interactive platforms, giving the App a unique advantage in providing tailored information to teachers. 

The User journey of embedding and using the App in SLS is aligned to current user SLS flow. Worth noting is App works as part of their SLS assignments.  Real-time learning analytics are shown to the teachers through the EJSS Teacher's Dashboard. This detailed analytics will enable teachers to better understand their students' performance.

Finally, the integration of EJSS APP with SLS has a solid funding and sustainability plan. CPDD1 has given in principle approval funding the recurring costs until December 2026. Furthermore, the EJSS authoring toolkit is scheduled for further development in 2024 to increase accessibility and usefulness. Efforts will be made to update existing EJSS resources in SLS and provide professional development workshops to facilitate new users in creating high-quality simulations.

In conclusion, the integration of the Easy JavaScript Simulation (EJSS) App with the Student Learning Space (SLS) is an invaluable addition to our educational technology plan. With its learning analytics through the EJSS App, it presents a new way to empowers teachers to deliver a more personalized learning experience in the context of "knowing what student did on the simulation". Please consider granting the approval needed to proceed with this learning analytics project.

Thank you.


Easy JavaScript Simulation

(EJSS) App

Technologies for Learning Branch, ETD and Sciences Branch, CPDD1

(2023) 3rd SLS Project Team Meeting

For Approval


To seek approval to integrate Easy JavaScript Simulation (EJSS) App with SLS.

1. Introduction

1. Introduction

Application (App) Description

Division : ETD / CPDD1

In-Charge/Liaison : Lawrence Wee / Dr Darren Tan

Name of Application : Easy JavaScript Simulation (EJSS) App

Partner/Vendor : Lawrence Wee / Open Source Physics

Project Development : \( 52,000 development cost from SSTRF

Project Maintenance : \) 2,500 every 2 years for web hosting and domain name



2. Description of EJSS App and its Educational Value



2. Description of EJSS App and its Educational Value



EJSS authoring toolkit is able to create virtual learning simulations1 that offers hands-on interactivity for teaching and learning through virtual science labs, digital manipulatives, sensor webapps and engaging games.

EJSS has been adopted by MOE officers and teachers for various educational purposes and is available on SLS2.

An ETD-CPDD SSTRF2021 project prototyped the integration of EJSS App with learning analytics to track and report students’ interactions within the simulations. The resulting EJSS App was successfully deployed in the SLS Development and Sandbox servers, through LTI 1.3. There are 5 simulations 'ready' for use, and another 20 simulations under refinement which will be released after further user testing.


1 Resources created using EJSS was recognized by UNESCO as Singapore’s ICT Pedagogical Innovation (2016) and received the American Physical Society’s Excellence in Physics Education Award (2020).

2 The SLS MOE Library has 40+ EJSS resources and the Community Gallery has 100+ EJSS resources.

2. Description of EJSS App and its Educational Value

How Application Supports Teaching and Learning