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Sample Learning Goals

Increasing the number of batteries in an electromagnet setup may initially enhance its magnetic field strength, allowing it to lift more paperclips. However, beyond a certain point, the benefits diminish due to factors like saturation. The magnetic material reaches a limit where it can't be magnetized further, and additional batteries won't significantly increase the lifting capacity. Other factors, such as the design and efficiency of the electromagnet, also play a role in determining the maximum number of paperclips it can lift.

For Teachers

Initial Setup
Direct link

Enable data logger
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Change the number of coils and close the switch
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Drag the rod to attract steel paper clips and obtain data
Direct link
Plastic rod
Direct link


Increase the number of batteries
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Low battery level
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Small iron rod
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From Teacher: 20210801

I used the virtual electromagnet experiment you created for SLS. [The simulation is]very good. I got the students to do the 2 experiments for changing the number of coils and number of batteries. I realized that they changed 2 variables [and] anyhow did [it]. Today  get them to redo and snip it to submit it to me for monitoring.... so much better. I like this [this is] because [it is usually] very difficult to do a real experiment to see the trend. Thanks so much! Attached a sample of students' work.
direct link


Strength of an Electromagnet with paperclips virtual lab for primary school science



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