20220713 TagUI Workshop to Civic Service College Colleagues

Venue: CSC Tamarind 2, Level 5, CSC

Date: 20220713

Time:  1330-1430

Trainer: Lawrence and Suhaimi

after 1430 is consultation for more in depth usage

Mode: Face to Face

Equipment: Personal Computer with Admin rights to install these software

  1. TagUI
  2. VS code studio 
  3. SelectorsHub Chrome Extension 
  4. Reference:

Desired Outcomes: 

  1. Participants' computer can install and run TagUI ( tall order, need more time, only one early participant was guided to install) 
  2. Participants' computer can download and unzip all my TagUI on Github ( didn't do with them)
  3. Participants can run in command prompt: c:/rpa/tagui/flows/tagui live
  4. Participant's computer TagUI Chrome Browser has gmail login and password added  
  5. Be able to run simple one TagUI flow


From Michael

Hi Colleagues,
Thank you for indicating your interest in the informal sharing first mooted in Derrick’s thread in the R user community.

I’m soft-booking your time on Wed 13 July and providing some materials should you be keen to get your hands dirty for the power users in our midst.

  1.  Installation
    1. Recommended to use Window installer TagUI v6.110 for Windows  
    2. Recommended path is c:/rpa/tagui for WOG (need to email your own ITD to whitelist and install for your WOG, TagUI is already running on my WOG) and personal computer 
    3. else d:/rpa/tagui for SSOE 
    4. cannot work on c:/program files/rpa etc probably due to the space in the path
    5. Run command line
    6. navigate to c:/rpa/tagui/flows/
    7. type tagui live 
    8. if you use gmail, need to key in the login id and password once, for this browser to remember so that it can be used in all other flows 
    9. type tagui update
    10. this will update the tagui to the latest version if need
    11. type tagui
    12. this will show all the commands available
  2. GitHub lookang TagUI page – 
    1. download this into the folder c:/rpa/tagui/flows/ 
    2. unzip it and rename the folder to c:/rpa/tagui/flow/lookang for example to get all my flows 
  3. Youtube library of demonstrations in MOE’s context –
    1. Demo a simple TagUI, how to get elements name or id to click on 
  4. Deck from AI SG –

I’ll provide you with a bit more detail with what Lawrence will share closer to the date, and update the venue in this calendar invite. In the unlikely event of an emergency, the backup date I have is Wed 27 July morning, which I won’t book until something crops up.

Thank you once again for your enthusiasm, which warms my heart. Get ready for a fun session of feasting on brain food (and also some light refreshments). Bring your lunch if you wish 


1. TagUI-AI Singapore https// 
2. Installation Windows, Mac, Linux 
3. UiPath paid RPA 
4. TagUI GitHub issues-discussions 
5. TeleGram TagUI-RPA chat 
8. GitHub of SLS TagUI flows 
9. TagUI saves id and password on local computer , not visible in *.tag files, increases security 
10. extract SLS user data to verify user with CG admin roles
11. share many lessons with many different emails, automated
12. TagUI auto post Multi-choice and free response questions in CSV to SLS
15. Free AI Singapore TagUI beginner online certification course
16. WOG Tagui flows the files has wog text in them
Photo from Michael
  1. in command prompt type tagui /Users/lookang/Desktop/tagui/flows/samples/1_google.tag
    1. use of live to demo how tagui works line by line
    2. navigate to three dots on chrome, right click, developer console
    3. use right click and inspect the element
    4. copy any element to see if tagui can find it such as name, class etc
    5. copy the line that work in live mode into a *.tag file to be made as a flow
    6. snap page to abc.png with go into the folder of the flow folder example /Users/lookang/Desktop/tagui/flows/samples/ or on Windows c:/rpa/tagui/samples/ 
    7. tagui /Users/lookang/Desktop/tagui/flows/samples/1_google.tag -d will create a *.deploy file for one click solution and use
    8. best practise: navigate the the folder of the tag file and run tagui especially if the flow needs to save file to the folder etc
    9. wogaa example of sending email, example of uipath fails and tagui was use to do the rpa now
    10. to use tagui in turbo mode type tagui filename.tag -t
    11. use turbo in your own risk, better to introduce a wait 0.5 to make tagui slow down to match the internet speed, for reliability 
    12. do not move your mouse when a flow is running, this is a chance the flow will fail if your mouse is messing up the flow
    13. I typically avoid visual automation due to the need to store *.png images for computer vision matching
    14. possible to use tagui python for more intelligent and library use 
  2. Question on Edge: yes, TagUI can also run Microsoft edge if it is installed, type tagui filename.tag -edge 
  3. Question on Web scrapping: Yes, tagui can only works on the *.tag but not the live mode. output file is
  4.  Question on why use tagui: My response is use whatever tool that make sense, tagui, python etc depending on your skill level and resourcing available to you
  5. Question on login and password: yes, tagui browser can remember all login id and password, go tagui live and key in manually, future instance of flows will inherit all the saved id and passwords
  6. Question on gmail scheduler: tagui click 3 elements to schedule , comment out what you dont want, and uncomment the last 3 lines 
  7. Question on how to compare 2 excel files. Maybe need a different tool like visual code studio to compare, tagui may not do the job as well. Use the tool that has the strength in, don't use tagui to do tasks it is not strong in.
  8. Question on community: join and search TagUI RPA

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