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2 Players, Sum Number Game Javascript HTML5 Applet 

Initial state of the game
The link to the game can be found here.


This is a simple card game involving 2 players. The rules are as follows:
  1. 2 Players take turns to remove one number at a time from the set of numbers 1, 2, 3, ..., 8, 9 from the board in the center.
  2. First, Player 1 will pick a number from the board
  3. Then Player 2 will continue to pick a number from the rest of the numbers on the board.
  4. The gas will continue until there are 3 numbers left on the board. The sum of these 3 numbers will be calculated. If it is a multiple of 3, that is a trinket, then Player 2 wins the game; Otherwise, Player 1 wins.
The objective of this game is to help students gain a better understanding of basic mathematical operators. 
Game state after player 1 wins
The link to the game can be found here.







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