Lee T.L., Wee L.K, (2012, 17 August) Physics Subject Chapter Brown BagSeries for Senior and Lead Teachers, River Valley High School, ComputerLab 1, Singapore

Tat Leong leading the sharing on
Lee T.L., Wee L.K (2012, 17August) Physics Subject Chapter Brown Bag Series for Senior and Lead Teachers, River Valley high School, Computer Lab 1, Singapore
example of EJS
1400-1415: the arrival of participants (refreshment is served)
1415-1430: download, launch EJS to run on the participants own laptop, computer lab 1 desktop should have EJS as well as backup
1430-1435: rationale of this workshop, computer models as a tool only, not a cure.
1435-1450: share the vast computer models and materials 
  1. models, filing cabinet, discussion, request a simulation etc.
  2. models, discussion, request a simulation etc
  3. for today's workshop and menu on the left of the models customized to SG syllabus to date.
1450-1500: launch EJS
1500-1700: building a model by Tat Leong using
1600-1630: a demo of how to get codes for features from the (OSP and NTNU) internet by lookang
1630-1700: in pairs, add 2 features to your own model (prefer Tat Leong's model or your own)
1700-1715: discussion and uploading of your work-in-progress into NTNU for the continuation of your model and building a community.
1715-1730: feedback form from AST and closing    EJS download
  2. mirror link ComPadre digital library may be faster for America

EJS video tutorials
  1. by lookang using Wolfgang's folder as the template
  2. or this by lookang

EJS workshop resources:
  1. by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. by Wolfgang, if there is time, chapter 2 will be covered briefly.

Let us know what you hope to gain in the workshop by filling in this form :) 
1 Create a model for electromagnetic wave and sound wave
Electromagnetic wave 
Doppler Effect sound Wave2 Create a model for electric current induced by magnetic flux linkage.
Electromagnetic Induction ( Falling Magnet on a Ring )
Electromagnetic Induction ( Falling Long Magnet through a Solenoid with AJC ) 4 Create a model for AC generator and transformer.
Electromagnetic Induction ( AC Generator ) 
transformer Create magnetic field line model for bar magnet
Magnetism Bar Magnet & Compass Model with Earth visualization
Magnetism 2 Bar Magnet & Compass Model java applet
 post here
Equipment: Bring Your Own LaptopRefreshment: \(4 per Person (min.40 person) 7 Courses + 1 Beverage thanks to Sze Yee for leading this.looks like AST also is providing refreshment \)2.5 for 25 person Title: Physics Subject Chapter Brown Bag Series by STs/LTs Using easy java simulation to build simple physics models.Using easy java simulation to build simple physics models. In this workshop, participants get to experience how to create a simple physics computer model that can be used as tools for students’ active inquiry learning with, augmented with real equipment where appropriate. The pedagogy of learning by making also known as constructionism is also afforded when teachers themselves are willing to learn together with the students, perhaps as a project-based activity.
Lastly, the vast resources created by the Open Source Physics Research community 
2. be shared, presents a huge opportunity for educators to customize the digital libraries computer models into suitable tools for active learning with technology.
Do I need admin rights on the machines?
No, just download, unzip (expand the files, this is important!!) and click on the EJSconsole.jar to run. only need Java Runtime which SSOE machine should already have.
Tat Leong leading the sharing on
Tat Leong leading the sharing on
Tat Leong leading the sharing on
workshop on easy java simulation at river valley high
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