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Variables for references:

- xMove,yMove,zMove,wMove&iMove are indications for when the object is being dragged around. These variables are alr assigned false initially, true on drag and false on release.

- onRod is alr defined but not used. It is for indicating if a object is on the Rod's top.

We tried to make a barrier where the user should not cross, specifically for Magnet X we tried to form a barrier at the plastic rod.



  • No dragging of magnet inside the rod.
  • Magnets dont feel any repelsion or attraction when blocked by Wooden Ring.
  • attractive power should consider distance
  • repulsion should include MASS --> use NumItemAbove()
  • find the item behind a selected item --> use itemBelow()


  • Error when item is dragged above "Release area".
  • Custom Prelim2 --> Error for falling of Wooden Ring FOLLOWED by Iron ring
  • distance should not be shared across all items.
  • X Repelsion --> acceleration X




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Sample Learning Goals


For Teachers


Initial Setup. Five rings are placed at the left. A plastic rod to contain the rings are on the right. 
User can drag any of the rings into the 'release here' box. User is able to change the side of the magnets at the top panel.


It will then fall into the plastic rod.


The rings will follow the law of magnetism, where the unlike poles will attract and the like poles repel. There are other rings that are not magnets which are the wooden ring and iron ring. 


User may experiment with the arrangement.




Stacking Ring Magnets Virtual Lab for Primary School Science



Other Resources


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