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ESS Concept for Simulations


Simulation Title

Projectile Motion in Football

Applied Scenario

An individual kicking a football from one end (start) of the field towards the other end (end).

Simulation Aim

To allow students to explore and learn about the relationships between height, angle and velocity at release when projecting an implement. 

Simulation Design

Students should be able to explore the projection of an implement

  • by changing the projectile angle at release (variable 2): 0 to 90°
  • by changing the projectile height at release (variable 1): 0 to 2m
  • with the projectile velocity release (fixed) being a constant at: 40m/s

Key objects

  • The goalkeeper as the performer (Person)
  • Football as the implement for projection
  • Football Field as the area for projection

Simulation Outcome

For each scenario determined by the set values of the variables, students should be able to observe and compare the trajectories of a projected football on a height-distance graph.

Possible Question(s)

  1. Describe 
  2. State the projection angle at release that will allow a goalkeeper to kick the ball from the ground to achieve a maximum distance.
  3. Explain, using projectile motion, the difference a javelin thrower would 

Learning Outcome

Describe how projectile motion can influence performance

  • height of release, angle of release, velocity of release
  • flight path (trajectory)

Concepts/ Topics

Projectile Motion

  • Height at release
  • Angle of release
  • Velocity at release

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