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- Add visible light (glow) to the lamp

- Remove existing plant from potometer image



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kyrin; lookang; Francisco Esquembre; Felix J. Garcia Clemente

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Learning Goals

View the simulation here

A biology simulation demonstrating the rate of transpiration of 9 different plants under 4 varying conditions (control, heater, fan, lamp). Click on Run to simulate the passing of time for 1 hour and view the amount of water transpired by each plant under different conditions. Data obtained is automatically recorded in the data table to the right.

The 9 plants are English Ivy, Weeping Fig, Dieffenbachia, Devil's Ivy, Arrowhead, Coleus, Geranium, Rubber Plant and Zebra Plant.

For Teachers

Activity Instructions:
In this investigation, you will compare the rates of transpiration for a selected plant species under varying environmental conditions. You will investigate the effect of heat, light, and wind on the rate of transpiration.

  1. Follow the instructions in the simulation and set up the virtual experiment to investigate the effects of:
    • wind or air movement
    • temperature of air
    • light intensity 


With reference to your virtual experimental data,

  • Describe the relationship between the environmental factor and the rate of transpiration. 
  • Explain the relationship based on your understanding of transpiration and the movement of water molecules.
    You may refer to this link for more information on the movement of water molecules







  1. original simulation by kyrin

Other Resources (Flash based, need another program to run it)

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