Dear workshop participants,

Thank you for signing up for the 4th and final workshop, this time focusing on sharing by teachers.

Goal: Share any effective ICT lesson preferably, that you want more people to know about. for example, using Tracker, Easy JavaScript Simulations or PheT, Energy2D etc. 

This is your opportunity to share you joy of learning.

Title: Creating Creating ICT Learning Experiences for Kinematics-Dynamics-Energy (Part 4) 
Date: 18 April ( upcoming for synthesis and network learning)
Time: 1430 - 1730 hours
Venue: eduLab@AST (Block J Level 4) 2, Malan Road, Singapore 109433, Academy of Singapore Teachers, Tel: 6664 1450 (Walk towards the canteen and climb the stairs up to highest floor following the green signages)

Getting there: Please click for details to AST.

Parking: MOE staff are permitted to park their vehicles within AST.

Refreshments: A short tea break at 2:30pm with some light snacks will be provided.

Things to bring:
Civil Service Card (to clear security)

We certainly look forward to meeting you. 

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  1. Energy Skate Park Basic (Sec 2) by Ezzy Chan

  2. Damped oscillations with Algodoo by ngjunsiang
  3. The Physics Grove by Jonathan Ho

  4. Apps as Virtual Labs by lookang
  5. Damped oscillations ebook
  6. Google Form example on OSP@SG