Date of the Session:

20 May 2024 1330-1430

Title of Session:

Using Web Easy JavaScript Simulation Authoring Toolkit to build simulations that works on SLS

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Lawrence WEE (Lead Specialist)

Brief Outline (please also include any special instructions if there are plans for participations to have some hands-on prior and during the session)


Participants can expect to gain a basic understanding of the tool's functionality and its application in educational contexts. The session will cover a range of topics, including navigating the editor interface, creating interactive simulations, loading and editing existing simulations, saving and downloading the simulation. Participants will learn how to leverage existing simulations to customise interactive content for their SLS lessons.

Pre reading and Examples:

  1. Start a new simulation on WebEJS
  2. Make a new catch a falling apple game using EJS Java editor
  3. Template 1:
  4. Template Collision of 2 disks:
  5. Template 3D:

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 Zoom Details

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Meeting ID: 889 6044 1084

Passcode: 2024BB