A well deserved recognition for Boon Chien especially, a 2017 MOE Innergy Innovative DC Motor Demonstration Kit Set: A CoRe Approach.

MOE Innergy Innovative DC Motor Demonstration Kit Set: A CoRe Approach

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The results of the 2017 MOE Innergy and Outstanding Innovator Awards are out
The Android and iOS App are available here


Dear Innergy (HQ) Awards 2017 Winners,

Our heartiest congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that your project has won an award in the Innergy (HQ) Awards 2017! 


MOE administers the annual Innergy and Outstanding Innovator Awards to recognise project teams and individuals who brought about significant benefits to stakeholders through their innovation efforts.

A total of 59 submissions were received in 2017. An evaluation panel comprising MOE HQ middle managers first shortlisted 27 projects for the presentation round. Each shortlisted team was invited to make a 10-minute presentation to the same evaluation panel. Based on these two rounds of evaluation, the panel recommended a total of 27 award-winning projects (2 Gold, 4 Silver, 6 Bronze, and 15 Commendation).

In promoting sharing of best practices, winners may also be invited to showcase or present their projects at platforms such as iCTLT 2018, etc.
(1) Innergy Awards Presentation
The awards will be presented to the Innergy Awards (HQ) winners at the Townhall session in April 2018. We will be sending the details of the Awards presentation separately next year. 

(2) Public Service Transformation Awards
Innergy (HQ) Award Gold Winners may be nominated for Public Service Transformation Awards 2018. We will notify these project winners and seek their inputs on the nomination form separately.


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