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Author name; Fremont Teng

Sample Learning Goals


For Teachers

This Simulation is a Step By Step Simulation.
This is a guide to using the simulation.


There are two ways to use the switch.
1) Switch Button
Click on the switch Button.
The switch will close, and the button will display the option to 'Open' instead.
Clicking back the switch button will return it back to it's default state.
2) Pressing on the switch itself
Clicking on the switch itself also allows you to toggle the switch open/close.

Blow Button

Step 1: Look at the bulb.
Step 2: Click on the blow button. Notice that the bulb will now turn grey.
This indicates that the bulb is blown.
Unlike the rest of the bulbs which are either lighted (yellow) or not lighted (white)

Drag-able Bulbs

Only when given the power to drag the bulbs (after step 2)
Step 1: Look at the cells and the bulbs.
Only the bulb of the same letter can be dragged to the respective cells.
Step 2: Drag the bulb to the cell.
Notice that the cell text disappears when the right bulb is in place.
Dragging the bulb away will return it back to the default position, and the cell text will reappear.

Reset Button

This button resets the whole simulation back to Step 1 with a simple click.






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