Leong Tze Kwang


Lawrence Wee

Prof Paul Lee

Date: 30 Jan 2019

 Time: 0900 1700

Venue: NIE-7-B1-22


Share with teachers What handphone data was oscillating when the phone was dropped for Atwood Machine


What teachers want to learn from this workshop

My own learning

data from one fo the groups arbitrarily

mphone*g - 0.2*g = (mphone + 0.2) a where

mphone to be determine

g  = 9.81 m/s^2

a is found from the phyphox data as about 1.1 m/s^2

I assume the data is for 200 gram as a counterweight for the pulley system

therefore mphone =(0.2*a+0.2*g)/(g-a) =0.250 kg

that can be verified from a weighing machine on the bench



data from one fo the groups
using excel and applying \( v = \int a dt \) and

 \( s = \int v dt \)

only for Android users, enroll for the beta users program
and the update should be available after a few minutes



benefits in the beta version can pick data and read off, no need to hotspot your phone and remote data into the laptops



example of little zero error


example of a large zero error can be overcome by rotating the phone from side to side to allow the phone to re-zero


collision handphone for acceleration data

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