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Title: Using ICT to Teach Math
Date: 8 March 2018 (Thursday)
We will be running this session again in Term 3 on 5 July 2018, and you may look out for our publicity email regarding it.Time: 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm
Venue: MOE HQ Podium Block (Level 2 P2-4) NOT 2 Malan Road (under renovation)
1 North Buona Vista Drive Singapore 138675
(Walk towards podium block and go to the 2nd floor.)

Directions/Parking Instructions: As there are limited parking lots available at open-air MOE Visitor Carpark, participants are encouraged to take public transport. Alternative public parking is available at Biopolis, The Metropolis or The Star Vista.

Refreshments: A short tea break with some light snacks will be provided.

Things to bring:

  1. Civil Service Card (to clear security)
  2. IAMS password for Wi-Fi access
  3. SSOE laptop (fully-charged)

Please arrive 5 mins before the stipulated time as the session will start punctually to ensure that we have ample time for exploration and discussion.

We certainly look forward to meeting you.

Click here for details of our upcoming workshops. (Opal login required)b. Programme:
2:30 pm to 3:30 pm 1. Introduction to Math LC
2. Introduction of online Math Resources and EJS Math Simulations
3. LC Conversation
+ ICT T&L practices
+ Types of Math workshop with ICT interested


  1. Graphmatica
  2. Geogebra
  3. Geometer Sketchpad
  4. Desmo
  5. Free Graphing Calculator
  6. Mathematics PlaySpace


  1. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
  2. National Council of Teachers ofMathematics: Illuminations
  3. NRICH Enriching Mathematics
  4. MOE Algetools
  5. Shodor Interactivate
  6. Mathplayground
  7. Flash Apps
  8. Open Educational Resources

Collaboration and Communication

  1. Google Apps for Education
  2. TodaysMeet
  3. Padlet
  4. Popplet
  5. Lino
  6. Explain Everything
  7. Doceri
  8. Screencast-O-Matic
  9. Educreations
  10. LiveBoard

Formative Assessment

  1. Poll Everywhere
  2. Plickers
  3. Socrative
  4. Kahoot
  5. Formative
  6. Nearpod
  7. Quizizz
  8. Educaplay
  9. PingPong
  10. GoSoapBox
  11. Classkick
  12. Wooclap
  13. Edupuzzle
  14. Seesaw
  15. Kaizena
  16. Stile
  17. Spiral

Live Interaction Platforms

  1. Slido
  2. Mentimeter
  3. Tricider
  4. Pigeonhole Live

Online Games(For Primary Schools)

  1. Mathplayground
  2. Coolmath4kids
  3. Arcademics
  4. Fuel the brain
  5. Prodigy

Augmented Reality 

  1. WallaMe
  2. Aurasma
  3. HP Reveal

Snap and Search Technologies Math Solver

  1. Mathpix
  2. Photomath
  3. Socratic
  4. Miao
  5. Snapask
  6. Mathway
  7. HomeworkGods
  8. EduSnap
  9. Queri
  10. Got It Study

Random Name Generator

  1. Name Picker Ninja
  2. Class Tools

3:30 pm to 3:45 pm Tea Break
3:45 pm to 4:15 pm Presentation SPIRAL by Jean
4:15 pm to 4:45 pm QR Code with Calculator CASIO
4:45 pm to 5:00 pm Feedback & Closure

c. Spread our Hands

LC Networking Session
We agreed to meet at 1:30 pm at Podium Blk P2-4.

S/N Item Update By
1. Programme & Presentation Prep
  • Include link to feedback and survey
  • Changes suggested for Spiral Activity
Huey Ming
2. Proposed Re-Run of Workshop in Semester 2
  • We confirmed our booking on eduLab@AST on 05 July 2 pm to 5 pm.
  • We agreed to offer priority access to those who have been rejected for our session on 08 Mar.
3. Email Comms
  • Inform registered participants.
  • Inform those who are not successful of our upcoming Geogebra workshop in May and also networking session in Jul with priority registration. They can email us now to indicate if they would like to attend the session in Jul.
4. Vendor Presentation
  • Contact and confirm presentation by CASIO
  • Contacted to remind and inform of event and to ask for presentation slides.
5. Hardware Prep
  • iPad
  • Dongle/Router Loan
  • Already in the midst of charging the iPADs and upgrading the OS.
6. Tea Break and Room Set-Up
  • Will be in contact with BMC to set up room on 08 Mar 12:30 pm


ICT in Mathematics Networking Session

Date: 08 March 2018

What are some key considerations when using ICT to teach Mathematics?

  1. time
  2. Suggested tool provided for the topic
  3. syllabus
  4. Logging in
  5. Hardware
  6. Ample functioning laptops. Slow n weak Key typing skills Many steps to accessing the correct page.
  7. Do the students want to use ICT?
  8. ICT baseline vs Bytes score not match. Need high Bytes scores but baseline is low.
  9. Time
  10. Suitability of apps/tools and how they help in the teaching and learning of topics
  11. 1) Suitability for students (students not familiar with computer/keyboard) 2) Ease of implementation 3) Device required for students or only one device such as Plickers? 4) Internet connection necessary or self-contained within an app 5) Time constraints (Is there a steep learning curve for students?)
  12. 1) internet connectivity 2) time taken for students to log in
  13. Must be friendly
  14. Login
  15. School network
  16. Preparation time
  17. Time needed for set up. Time needed to log in.
  18. Ease of use
  19. Time taken to use the tool in class
  20. WiFi support in classroom.
  21. Network connection problem
  22. Pedagogy must be considered before the technology to be used
  23. How easy is it deliver instructions for students to use
  24. Interactive
  25. User-friendly
  26. Time constraints. Limitation in school wifi, limited computer labs
  27. Usefulness of ICT in students' learning
  28. Objectives of lesson
  29. Not enough devices
  30. Free, easy to login or no login necessary, simple and clear interface
  31. Natural fit. Fuss free.
  32. Time factor - can be time consuming
  33. 1) Easy to use 2) Allows collaborative learning and inquiry based learning
  34. Effectiveness of lesson
  35. Time constraint
  36. Lost connection in the middle of a Kahoot game. Pupils log in issues.
  37. Time
  38. Padlock

How might we better support you in using ICT to teach Mathematics?

  1. Conducting more of such sharing by upper & lower Primary so that you can share more apps by level by topic.
  2. Separate sessions for pri and sec schs
  3. Have a table to summarize all applets according to topics n levels
  4. Lesson plans
  5. Free resources
  6. Hands-on sessions on the use of online manipulatives shared by Lawrence
  7. Keeping us updated of the newest release
  8. More support
  9. More actual hands on, no need for vendor talk. They should go directly to the Sch to promote. No use when HOD is not around.
  10. Address the concerns. We typed them down but it was not answered.
  11. Time
  12. Selection of appropriate ICT tools for different topics (topic specific)
  13. More hands-on with math examples
  14. Free ipads
  15. Free resouces
  16. Online "how-to" videos
  17. Would be good to hold separate sessions for primary and secondary schools
  18. Aligning possible tools to specific lesson objectives & level
  19. Implementation
  20. Share some good practises from other schools.
  21. Provide more hands-on ICT session on the tools
  22. Resources from existing lessons that have been carried out in class will be good
  23. Suggestion of suitable platforms to use for various topics if possible.
  24. hardware
  25. Do sharing in school.
  26. May be good to have sample lessons related to specific topics using ict
  27. Demo of apps for teachers.

Share with us one ICT-enabled practice that you will be trying out in 2018.

  1. Self-directed learning
  2. Active learning
  3. Enhance learning
  4. Plickers
  5. Desmos
  6. The use of online platform (mconline or padlet etc) for pupils to engage in discussion
  7. Kahoot and spiral
  8. Kahoot
  9. Use of ICT tools such as kahoots and spiral to conduct factual fluency during lessons.
  10. Using Nearpod to engage students and as an AfL tool. - Draw it function / polls / quiz
  11. using excel to assist students in solving cryptarithms
  12. Flippity
  13. Padlet for collaborative learning.
  14. Group work: Creation of word problems using newspapers advertisements and post on padlet. Students give comments on the question and give positive reinforcement. Solve another group question.
  15. Plickers
  16. Plickers
  17. Spiral
  18. Plickers
  19. Peardeck
  20. Kahoots
  21. The use of peardeck to engage students.
  22. Using Plickers/kahoot to do quick quizzes.
  23. Using Plickers as an alternative FA l tool
  24. Nearpod
  25. Nearpod
  26. Kahoot
  27. Using Koobits interactive visual manipulatives for lesson
  28. Kahoot

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