NZ Extended ICT Programme for ICT Mentors @Monfort Secondary School

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NZ Extended ICT Programme for ICT Mentors 
@Monfort Secondary School venue is 15 Serangoon North Avenue 1 Singapore 555888

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18 august 2011
1430-1700 hrs
Meeting Room
ICT Mentors
Monfort Secondary School Principal
Wong Kin Mun
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Summary of sharing:

Kin Mun shared Engage the class using any device, his passion on student response system.

Andrew shared Professional Learning Networks and the use of twitter
Do follow the NZ Extended ICT Programme for ICT Mentors here. the hasttag is  #ictmentor!/ndrewtaneh!/AspartanX!/yitsin77!/IvinChan!/wongkinmun

Sg guru twitters that usually use #edsg hasttag!/lookang!/ashley!/tucksoon

Loo Kang shared the blog
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