Use of Tracker for use at CPDD Beginning Teachers' (BT) workshop on 3-4 Jul

Use of Tracker for use at CPDD Beginning Teachers' (BT) workshop on 3-4 Jul
Date:  3 Jul 2012
Time: 1pm – 2.45 pm
Venue:  2 Umar Pulavar Tamil Lang Centre (UPTLA) Training room 3, 2Beatty Road S(209954)
Target audience: 25 JC Phy BTs
Presenter:  Lim Jit Ning, Lau Soo Yen
Facilitator for tracker workshop:  Wee Loo Kang
Organisers: CPDD Joy Tan, Edwin Lim See Wai, Barnabas Tan, Sarah Ong
Jit Ning will be sharing with the BTs on
  • how to use basic function in tracker (we will provideone laptop per group for about 5-6 groups)
  • use of tracker for SHM (phase difference) and circularmotion (plotting of various graph,  linking of representation and realworld).
Jit Ning sharing
Jit Ning sharing
Jit Ning showing a real life video of damping using tracker.
Things i managed to share
  1. all open source physics computer models at Menu on the left
  2. ICT Connection tracker lesson examples with aim to enable other teachers to practice in their own classes.
    1.  Learning Physics of Sport Science through Video Analysis and Modeling 
      LEE Tat Leong / River Valley High Sch
      27-Apr-2010 (Tue)
      Viewed (7178)  
    2.  Learning Physics of Projectile through Video Analysis and Modeling 
      Jimmy Goh / Yishun Junior College
      13-Apr-2011 (Wed)
      Viewed (175) 
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  3. Key Word "Tracker"
  4. Journal Paper
    Using Tracker as a Pedagogical Tool for Understanding Projectile Motion
    Loo Kang Wee, Charles Chew, Giam Hwee Goh, Samuel Tan, Tat Leong Lee
    Comments: 9 pages, 9 figures; this http URL
    Subjects: Physics Education (physics.ed-ph); Classical Physics (physics.class-ph); Computational Physics (physics.comp-ph)
Time to submit Jit Ning's tracker lesson in ICT connection and OSP too :)HCI is using tracker in part due to a sharing we done hereWee, L. K., Lee T.L. & Charles Chew (2010, 23-24 November) Workshop Concurrent 4.9 Workshop - Innovation in Science Education Open Source Physics – Tracker Video Analysis and Modeling Tool, Singapore Science Center, Singapore 1st Science Teacher Conference. [PPT]Enjoy!