EJSS Kinematics Model by lookang.

based on models and ideas by
  1. Fu-Kwun and lookang http://www.phy.ntnu.edu.tw/ntnujava/index.php?topic=701.0 and http://weelookang.blogspot.sg/2010/06/ejs-open-source-kinematics-java-applet.html
  2. Andreu Glasmann, Wolfgang Christian, and Mario Belloni  http://www.compadre.org/osp/items/detail.cfm?ID=13049&S=7

The equation that model the motion of the car is:

source: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44365627/lookangEJSworkspace/export/ejss_src_kinematics.zip
EJSS Kinematics Model by lookang, based on models and ideas from Fu-Kwun, Andreu Glasmann, Wolfgang Christian, and Mario Belloni
authors: lookang, Fu-Kwun, Andreu Glasmann, Wolfgang Christian, and Mario Belloni

This EjsS  Kinematics Problem Package was developed using the Easy Java/JavaScript Simulations (EjsS) version 5. Although EjsS is a Java program, it can create stand alone JavaScript programs that run in almost any PC or tablet.

changes made:

  1. recreate everything
  2. made world view
  3. made the 3 sliders
  4. made drop-down menu for ease of productive learning  ["user_defined","at_rest","uniform_motion_=_1","uniform_motion_=_2","uniform_motion_=_-1","uniform_motion_=_-2","simple_acceleration","simple_deceleration","negative_acceleration","positive_deceleration"]
    1. at_rest x=0;   v=0;   a=0;
    2. uniform_motion_=_1 x=0;   v=1;   a=0;
    3. uniform_motion_=_2 x=0;   v=2;   a=0;
    4. uniform_motion_=_-1 x=0;   v=-1;   a=0;
    5. uniform_motion_=_-2 x=0;   v=-2;   a=0;
    6. simple_acceleration x=0;   v=0;   a=1;
    7. simple_deceleration  x=0;   v=5;   a=-1; true only for v < 0
    8. negative_acceleration x=0;   v=0;   a=-1;
    9. positive_deceleration x=0;   v=-4;   a=1; true only for v > 0
  5. checkboxes for x vs t, v vs t and a vs t graphs
  6. added markers to appears each second


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